The leading global alliance of independent professional firms

With the vast network platform, members able to recommend each other without any boundaries and able broaden the scope of their networks and services through the network platform. GreenPro Synergy Network will according to the needs of members and introducing the unique “exit plan” to the members. For those members who are willing to reduce the holdings and control of the company, the whole or the partial of the company will be acquired by the United States listed company.

GreenPro Synergy Network will also select the quality listed projects and provide the investment opportunities to our investment club members (or corporate member and individual member). We believe under the GreenPro Synergy Network, the mutualism, cooperation and win-win situation will able to generate between members.

Look ahead and welcome the era of the integrated economy in the rising New Asia.The core business solutions of GSN encompasses the direction and guidance in capturing the insights of global context and international trend.We are looking To assist our members in leveraging and growing wealth on a global scale


To become the foremost provider of wealth-creating platform and business intelligence for international corporation and individuals


To assist our members in leveraging and growing wealth on a global scale


To build a feasible, reliable and professional platform with 4 in 1 cross-border wealth creation knowledge


  • To build an international platform which displays viable investment projects
  • To create mechanism and tools which assist our members to be proficient and comprehensive in expertise and insights of wealth creation
  • To penetrate and facilitate our members’ cross-border business flow, information flow and capital flow
  • Professionally-recognized supervisory framework


Value Creation

Create enormous platform for GSN members value maximization

Wealth Creation

Facilitate and offer the channels of wealth creation


Display and convey insights and information with innovative and relevant way of thinking


Construct a complete framework of information flow and capital flow

Chapter 1 General Provisions

  • Article 1 GreenPro Synergy Network (herein after referred to as “The Network”) is a professional organization under GreenPro Capital Corp.
  • Article 2 The Network leads and supervisions by GreenPro Capital Corp.


Chapter 2 Missions

  • Article 3 GreenPro Synergy Network will assist the members to develop and expand their networking and service areas through the current network platform with the members’ current professional knowledge and experience as the foundation. By utilizing the GreenPro Synergy Network online platform, the members will synchronize between each other to share the resources and professional information and directly increase the opportunity to connect with the international capital. At the same time, GreenPro Synergy Network supports and promotes the collaboration and cooperation between members with other Networks and professional organizations to enhance the overall operation and management level of the corporate. To achieve the mutual benefit between members and create the win-win situation.
  • Article 4 The main responsibilities of the Network are:
    • To defend and enhance on the protection of members’ rights and benefits by involved in the advisory work when deal with government regulatory agencies or organizations and managed the relevant legal, regulations, compliances, and guidance.
    • To enhance the communication and collaboration between members and provide the platform for the communication between members and as the connection between members with capital and resources.
    • To enhance the communication with other organization, Network, and professional bodies. At the same time assists the members to understand the trend of development within the industry.
    • To enhance the collaboration and communication between members and professional bodies or organizations.
    • To provide the fund raising, merger and acquisition and others financial consultation and advisory services to assist the members to have better and comprehensive understanding on the capital operation.
    • To organize the finance, business or management’s training course or seminar to improve the members’ capability on management and the corporate governance of the corporation.
    • To collect and analyze the information regarding the capital growth and capital market in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other countries and transmit the information to our members.
    • To edit and publish articles on the applicable and relevant journal and publication to assist on the development of the Network
    • To encourage the members to bear the social responsibility and assist members to create a better media environment.
    • To organize and develop different events to enhance the information flow and network between members.


Chapter 3 Organization Structure

  • Article 5 GreenPro Synergy Network will develop under the guidance of GreenPro Capital Corp and conduct works under the instruction from the board of directors.
  • Article 6 The highest power body of the Network is the board of directors. The Network convenes the annual meeting once every year. If there is any special reason resulting in postpone or bring forward the meeting, the decision will be made by the managing director. The interim annual meeting may convene with the recommendation by the President or the vice president.
  • Article 7 The board shall have one president, a certain number of vice-presidents, managing directors, directors and a treasurer (vice president). The board are voted by the representative assembly of all members. The term of each executive council is two years. The board of directors is executive council and its daily working body is the managing directors. The directors and deputy executive directors are appointed by managing director.
  • Article 8 Executive Directors shall exercise the following powers:
    • implementing resolutions adopted by the board of directors
    • presides over the daily works of the Network
    • determining on the daily expenses
    • determining on hiring the honorary chairman
    • determining the structure of the company’s internal management and leading in its works
    • formulating the management scheme of the company
    • other authorities delegated by the board.
  • Article 9 The president and vice president shall exercise the following authorities:
    • calling and presiding over meetings of the board of directors
    • leading the board to develop on works
    • supervising the implementation of resolutions adopted by the board of directors
    • signing the relevant documents on behalf of the Network and attending the relevant events
    • other authorities delegated by the board
  • Article 10 The executive directors shall exercise the following authorities:
    • executing the resolution of board of directors
    • conducting the daily affairs of the Network
    • other authorities delegated by the board.
    • convening the meeting according to the requirement from board of directors.
  • Article 11 The Network will according the needs of corporate and individual members and provides the following consulting and advisory services. It is included but not limited to: Corporate Strategy Planning, Corporate Internationalization Planning, Investment Risks Planning, Trust Service, Fund Management, Corporate Financing, Merger and Acquisition, Corporate Governance, Information Disclosure, Investors’ Relation, Company Secretary, Government Policy Advisory, Strategic Research and others.


Chapter 4 Membership

  • Article 12 The Network’s members included the GSN Members, GSN Certified Partners, and GRNQ Shareholders
  • Article 13 The corporate or individual engaged with the business activities and get the recognition from the Network, voluntary to join the Network will be the member of the Network after the approval from the board of director.
  • Article 14 The application will get approval through the board of directors to be the corporate or individual member of the Network and get awarded the member certification.
  • Article 15 The honorary chairman will be hired according to the needs and the nomination and hire of the honorary chairman will be decided by the board of directors.
  • Article 16 The Network’s members have the rights to enjoy the privileges:
    • The rights to raise up the constructive, reasonable and legal recommendation to the Network to protect the benefits of the members and the Network
    • The rights to enjoy the services provided by the Network and participate on the events organized by the Network
    • The priority to collect the information
    • The criticism of our work Suggestions and supervision
  • Article 17 Members perform the following obligations:
    • in accordance with the rules of the Network, perform its resolution
    • safeguard our legitimate rights and interests
    • assists the Network on the investigation and research to work for the benefit of the members when necessary
    • keeps confidential about the all business inside news from the members through the participation in the Network’s activities;
    • pay membership fees according to regulations.


Chapter 5 Asset Management

  • Article 18 Source of funds
    • membership fee
    • yearly membership renewal fee
    • donation and sponsor from other organization
    • within the approved scope of business activities or services income;
    • other legitimate income.
  • Article 19 All the funds of the Network are as the expenditure on the matters within the predetermined range that stated in this regulations and the business development of the Network. It shall not be distributed among members.
  • Article 20 All the costs incurred by the Network required the approval by the board of directors to get effective.
  • Article 21 The Network’s revenue, expenditure and assets shall report annually to all the members.


Chapter 6 Modifying the Article of Networks

  • Article 22 Modification of the articles of Network to the Network, subject to the council voted on by the member representative assembly after review.


Chapter 7 Dissolution or Termination

  • Article 23 The managing director will adopt the resolutions relating to merger division, dissolution and liquidation of the Network. The resolution will be effective after getting the approval from GreenPro Capital Corp.
  • Article 24 After the dissolution, the Network should clear the debts, claims and deals with the aftermath under the guidance of GreenPro Capital Corp.


Chapter 8 Supplementary Articles

  • Article 25 The Regulations shall be put into effect after discussion and approval of the representative assembly of all members.
  • Article 26 The right to interpret belongs to executive council of the Network.

Mr. Gilbert Loke [Advisor]


  • Global – ASEAN Economies Bridging Advisor
  • GreenPro Capital Corp. Founder and Managing Director
  • Association(CBBA) Founder Honorary President
  • Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)
  • U.K Chartered Certified Accountant(FCCA)
  • Malaysia Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Mr. CK Lee [Advisor]


  • “One Belt One Road”- ASEAN Economies Bridging Advisor
  • GreenPro Capital Corp. Founder and CEO
  • First quality migrant under Hong Kong Quality Migrant   Admission Scheme
  • Cross Border Business Association(CBBA)Founder and President
  • Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)
  • U.K Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA)
  • Malaysia Chartered Accountant (CA(M))

Y.H. Dato’ Sri Dr. How Kok Choong [Advisor]

DBA, MBA, GDBA, doctorate in Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • Global President of AGAPE Superior Living International Group
  • Group CEO of San Hin Group
  • Master and Doctorate in Business Administration from Newport University, USA
  • Fellow Member of Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration
  • Fellow Member of Chartered Institute of Management in United Kingdom

Mr. Vincent Tan, [Chief Executive Officer]

• International Securitization and Corporate Cross-border Capital Strategy Advisor
• Senior Vice President, GreenPro Capital Group
• Specialized in international trade and marketing

Hong Kong