Reasons to Join GreenPro Synergy Network (GSN)

With the “Certified Basis” to select the certified partner, the qualification and quality of the certified partner have been reviewed and considered by the GreenPro Synergy Network. The corporate or individual that recognized by GreenPro Synergy Network will have the privilege to enjoy the quality services.

GreenPro Synergy Network adopts an unique “exit plan” (listed company acquisition/share swap/merger, the actual circumstances to be discussed) for our certified partners. Our member (corporate member/individual member) who conforms with GreenPro Capital Corp’s (OTCQB: GRNQ) requirements and assessments will have the chance to get promoted to certified partner and enjoy the same privilege.

GreenPro Synergy Network’s member (only limited to strategic partner and corporate/individual member) are eligible to enjoy the high value services from GreenPro Capital Corp. E.g Cross-border listing, Merger and Acquisition Strategic Planning, Trust Services, Fund Investment and Management and other professional supports.

Our professional team from GreenPro Capital Corp will conduct the project assessment through due diligence, project feasibility evaluation and project valuation. If the project passes the assessment, the project will be transferred to the related network platform in GreenPro Synergy Network to get connected with the international capital and resources.

By acknowledged about the importance of cross-border expansion and development, GreenPro Synergy Network provides the platform for our member to have the opportunity connects with cross-border organizations and associations (e.g ASEAN countries and China local professional organizations) to accelerate their expansion in the international network. Our members that diversified in different industries and countries will able to expand their service network points and the area of the target market.

Since ancient times,information is the important element in the war. From the Industrial Revolution to the current Big Data Revolution, the person who predominates the information will outperform their competitors. GreenPro Synergy Network converges the professional networks to let the cross-border member have the information synchronization between each others, to share the information and resources. The mobility of information is the foundation of network services. Members from different regions have the opportunity to receive the precise information from different members and accurately analyse the target market in different markets.

GreenPro Synergy Network believes that the “people” is the most important element and factor in any professional and industry. The sparks and opportunities that excite between people are always unexpected and strong. Thus, it is very precious to have the alliances that with the same philosophy and goal. GreenPro Synergy Network insists to regularly organize the different theme seminars and activities to let our members to meet the like-minded friends and collect the useful information. By cooperating with each others, members able to achieve the mutual benefits and the win-win situation.
Members and affiliates will able to provide professional services to each other through the “Investment Club” under the GreenPro Synergy Network so that members allow to develop the business areas and at the same time to broaden the horizons and enhance the development of the corporate.

All the GreenPro Synergy Network’s members are selected by according to the strict requirements and standards of the GreenPro Synergy Network because we believe that the quality is more important than the quantity. GreenPro Synergy Network will converge the advantages from different members and positioning ourselves as a vast and professional network. At the same time, we build the professional association as our brand image. Our members will feel proud and the pride as the part of GreenPro Synergy Network, gains the recognition and respect from the other professionals and corporations.

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