GSN Salon 绿专创富联盟沙龙

Wednesday, Jan 2, 2019

2:00pm – 4:00pm

Topics: CEO Thoughts and Talks

Date: 08/12/2017 (Friday)

Language: Chinese/ English

Guests Speakers:

  1. Dato Sri Dr. How Kok Choong, Directors of many US listed companies.
  2. Dato Kenny You, CEO of Bio Life Holdings Berhad
  3. Tan Inn Shen, GreenPro Synergy Network (Greater China) Vice President
  4. Toh Yi Rhu, Quiet Potato, CEO of a digital marketing company


  1. Understand what challenges are businesses facing nowadays and what they are doing to overcome these challenges.
  2. Discuss what businesses have done to bring them to greater heights and how far they have achieved.
  3. Discuss what businesses should be prepared off when they are on the path to get listed.
  4. Discuss whether each of our speakers’ businesses are prepared to get listed in the near future.
  5. Summarise by providing advices to attendees on how businesses can grow and thrive from GreenPro’s professional experience.

Objective: To provide a welcoming platform for business-minded people and corporate leaders to share their ideas and perspective on the business trend of our country.

Something to look forward to: In 2018, GreenPro Capital as a financial service provider has always aim to assist more Malaysian businesses to grow their business. In this coming year, GreenPro has planned a total of 12 Business Salons, which translated into 1 business salon on the second Friday of every month. In such event, potential attendees can look forward to a broad range of topics being discussed, from wealth management, to how to grow your business, investment opportunity in China, roadmap to get listed in US and many more. Everyone is welcome to our event, and light refreshments will be served.  If you are a person with the eagerness to learn and share, then we would love to have you to attend our event while we are all on path to better achieve wealth accumulation and management.

Next Event Date: 12/01/2018

Main Take Away/ Quote of the Day:

【“Any time you have difficulty making an important corporate decision, you can be sure that it’s the result of being unclear about your values.” – Tony Robbins】

Event Location

B-12-2, Northpoint Office,
Mid Valley City, , Kuala Lumpur, 59200

Event Fees