Membership Values
Pre-IPO Investment & Funding
  • Emerging Growth Projects Funding
  • NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC Markets IPO Potentials
  • Cross Border Investments & Funding
Global Investment Opportunity
  • Global Retirement Planning
  • Worldwide Wealth Wisdom
  • GreenPro Global OBOR Fund
Global Networking & Capital Matching
  • Regional Conference & Networking
  • Learning & Sharing Event
  • Project Roadshow & Capital Matching
business mindset
Global Intelligence
  • Industry Insights & Trends
  • Intelligence Sharing
  • Cross Border Information & Knowledge
Certified Partners Alliance
  • Succession Planning & Exit Strategy
  • Value Adding Services Integral
  • Alliance Strategic Business Development
Consultations & Solutions
  • Project IPO Feasibility Analysis
  • Listing Consultation & Strategic Planning
  • Value Streaming Consultation
Professional Certification
  • GSN Certified Partner
  • GSN Certified Project

GSN Membership

Business Membership Benefits

Open for investors and entrepreneurs. GSN Members will be equipped with cross border insights, investment opportunities and a platform to showcase potential projects to gain public awareness and capital matching.

8000 USD Admission Fees

Open For Eligible Public

GSN Partnership

ONLY open for professionals with qualifications and industry experience. Industry technical supports will be provided to for value adding to existing services, whereas succession and exit strategy will be potentially offered.

8000 USD Admission Fees

Open For Eligible Professionals

GRNQ Shareholder

ONLY open for GreenPro Capital Corp. (GRNQ)’s investors. Shareholders in this category will be updated on lasted developments and news about GreenPro Capital Corp, serving an investor relation communication platform.

Open For GRNQ Shareholders